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Coffee Routine

Learn everything about the traditional preparation of Kopi Luwak coffee and enjoy a piece of tradition.

Cultivation & Production

You can also find out what makes our Kopi Luwak so special and how we deal with animal welfare and sustainability here.

Coffee is pleasure. Kopi Luwak is a real treat. It is world famous coffee, experts liken it to the caviar of coffees. This is due to a more than extraordinary “production process”.

A taste of Sumatra

The taste of Sumatra

We started an expedition to jungle areas in Indonesia. From the Gayo highlands, we found the most exquisite beans, which are exclusively provided to us by local coffee farmers.  Attention is given to sustainable production and ideal conditions for animals and humans, because only happy cats give Kopi Luwak the unique sensational aroma, which pleasures you with every single sip.


Carefully selected for you

100%  free living Musangs

A matter of the heart for us

Malua has a clear position against the caging of the Spotted Musangs and only works with coffee farmers who appreciate the welfare of the animals as much as we do and who search for and pick up the coffee beans that are excreted in the wild.


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Peaberry(coffee) – the small bean with a big aroma

Peaberry(coffee) – the small bean with a big aroma

Among coffee varieties, there is a little star that is becoming more and more popular, but unfortunately this little roundish coffee bean is quite rare. Only 2 - 5 % of all coffee beans grow into a "real" peaberry bean. To this day, it is not exactly clear what causes this unique genetic mutation,...

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Capsule coffee – it’s not a pleasure for the environment

Capsule coffee – it’s not a pleasure for the environment

Do you know how many capsules of coffee are drunk in the world? We hope that you are sitting when you read the number now: 12,300. No, not in the year, not in the month, but in every single minute. That's what the big brand manufacturers claim. Can you imagine? It gets even more serious if you now...

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Arabica and Robusta – which Coffee is the best?

Arabica and Robusta – which Coffee is the best?

The main differences between Arabica coffee beans and Robusta coffee beans Today, coffee is more than just one of the most popular drinks in the world. Around 10 million hectares of land are used to grow the most popular varieties. Many steps and factors are necessary before the plant produces a...

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For us in Malua, “the best coffee in the world” also means enjoyment without remorse or guilty conscience. That’s why we make sure that our coffee is produced sustainably and in a manner appropriate to the species – at fair prices. To this end, we travel directly to the producers several times a year to ensure that the quality and standards are consistently high.


  • 100 percent from free-living Musangs
    Absolutely environmentally friendly conditions
    Sensational aroma
    Fair prices






News about Kopi Luwak always served hot.

Exciting things happen almost daily in the growing areas. We at Malua are always coming up with something new to make your coffee drinking experience even more enjoyable. Our newsletter tells you everything you need to know about the valuable “cat coffee”.