about us

For the love of Luwak Coffee

For us Kopi Luwak stands for absolute pleasure. We want to make this coffee – together with this unique attitude towards life – accessible to our customers.

Since we know under which circumstances this coffee is often produced, it is of particular concern to us that Malua coffee is produced in a fair and appropriate manner. A pleasure product should never be produced at the expense of a living creature.

The founders of Malua are Marni and Marcel Himmerich. Their story is the cornerstone of Malua UG and shapes the company values of sustainability and good quality for people and animals.



When an entire company is born from a shared passion for something over the years, it must be something special. Like Luwak coffee, for example.

The love story for Marni Himmerich begins in 2011, when she comes to Europe. There, more precisely in Switzerland, she meets her future husband Marcel. Right from the start, the two share her devotion to hot-brewed caffeine drinks. But something is missing for Marni, who was born and raised in Indonesia. She finds her favourite type of coffee neither in Switzerland nor in Germany.


So she has no choice but to tell her husband about the unique coffee Luwak.

Marcel becomes more and more curious and with each of Marni’s tales his desire to try this delicacy grows. So they both make a decision: they plan a trip to Marni’s home country, Indonesia.


No sooner said than done. Shortly after his arrival in faraway Asia, Marcel already holds his first cup in his hand. At that moment it was all about him and he knew exactly why his wife told him so much about the coffee Luwak. A fire is kindled in him: coffee lovers in Europe must also get to know this speciality.

But this is not an easy task. After all, on their journey through Indonesia they hear time and again that the spotted musang is being exploited for coffee production. A price they don’t want to pay just to delight European palates with the ingenious taste of coffee. Further trips to Indonesia, always with the aim of finding the right and fair coffee farmers for “their” coffee Luwak, were necessary.

This trip was worthwhile for both of them. With Kopi Luwak, produced for Malua fair, you can now bring your dream to life. And dream even further: in the future, the Malua brand will stand for many more non-industrially produced Indonesian coffee varieties.


Enjoy the legendary Kopi Luwak coffee without regrets or guilty conscience.

Malua coffee comes 100 percent from free living Musangs from the Goya highlands.