COFFEE Routine

Preparation and consumption of Kopi Luwak

What’s better than hot coffee?  Fresh Luwak coffee of course.
Find out here how to prepare Kopi Luwak and enjoy it to the full.

Sure, we often have a cup of coffee just in between. During the week in the morning when it is important to start the day quickly. Or at work, when we want to be awake and focused again.

But the real pleasure unfolds only when we take the right time. For example on weekends or holidays. Then the hours go by more slowly, leisure takes over, we can breathe freely. These are exactly the right moments to celebrate the love of coffee in great detail. It starts with the preparation. In the case of the exceptional quality of Luwak coffee, it almost requires a solemn ceremony.
You don’t think so? Then give it a try! Here are our recommendations for the optimal coffee preparation.

The French Press

The Indonesian Luwak experts swear by this.

As the name suggests, this manually operated “coffee machine” is of European origin. But because the coffee it prepares is so exceptionally good, the French Press made it all the way to the distant Kopi Luwak growing region. There it quickly became the favourite of coffee farmers and local coffee lovers. Why? Probably because it produces the best taste experience and at the same time is so ingeniously easy to use.

Everything you need additionally for the preparation with the French Press:

  • Malua Kopi Luwak beans
    Coffee Mill
    Hot water
    Stirrer (spoon)
    Second can or other “intermediate receptacle”

When you have everything together, you can start right away. The first step is to grind your Luwak beans. For one litre, it has been found that European customers prefer 60-65 g of grinded coffee. If you like your coffee very mild, take a little less. For a particularly strong taste, it is worth approaching the 70 g mark. In order to ensure that as few particles as possible end up in the coffee water, we recommend that you set the grinding degree quite roughly.

Then pour the ground Luwak coffee into the French Press and pour hot, non-boiling water over it. Then let the coffee go. Attention, even if it’s hard with this heavenly scent, you should allow the coffee powder to stand for four minutes in a warm bath, ideally even five minutes.

Now it is almost done. In order to preserve the full aroma, it is best to stir a little before you push the stamp with the sieve of the French Press down to the coffee grounds. Now the name-giving and magic moment has come: press! They are currently separating the ground coffee from the water, thus transforming it into a beguiling elixir whose aroma fills the entire room. Pour anything you do not want to drink from it into a separate container so that the coffee does not steep too long and become bitter. You may now finally fill the rest into your cup.

So, what do you say? Is this the best coffee you’ve ever had?


Because anticipation is the most beautiful joy.

Are you a silent gourmet? Do you prefer to drink your coffee all alone, just absorbed in your thoughts? At most with a close friend or a loved one with whom you like to share special moments? Then the preparation with the hand filter is just right for you.
With this traditional machine you can prepare small portions of your Luwak coffee extra gently and even more simply than with the French Press.

For this you will need in addition to the hand filter:

  • Coffee Mill
    Hot water
    cup or a small jug

That’s all it takes to brew an excellent coffee. Simply pour the desired amount of ground coffee into the filter and keep the corresponding number of litres of hot water ready: For example, for 30-33 g Luwak 0.5 litres, for 15-16 g 0.25 litres of water and so on.

Now simply always pour so much water into the filter that the coffee is just covered. At the same moment, pure ecstasy drips from the hand filter directly into your cup. The steam that goes up your nose – indescribable, isn’t it? The best thing about it: whenever the liquid in the filter has turned into dream coffee, you can enjoy this aha-experience anew. Add water again slowly and calmly and aaaaaah.Z

Again and again, until all the hot water became a freshly brewed, perfect coffee.


Tastes even in the luxury process.

Probably because we want to extend the moment of pleasure as long as possible. If you have a fully automatic coffee machine in your kitchen, we can of course understand if you want to use it for Luwak coffee. After all, it cost enough money, so the machine.

The drinking pleasure is probably the same as with the two more time-consuming methods of the French Press or the hand filter. Premium machine and premium coffee simply produce a result of the absolute top class. And because people like to join forces, your fully automatic machine will certainly be looking forward to the extraordinary beans. Nothing more delicious has ever been ground for him.



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