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Peaberry(coffee) – the small bean with a big aroma

by | Jan 2, 2021 | Coffee, Coffee Knowledge | 0 comments

Among coffee varieties, there is a little star that is becoming more and more popular, but unfortunately this little roundish coffee bean is quite rare. Only 2 – 5 % of all coffee beans grow into a “real” peaberry bean. To this day, it is not exactly clear what causes this unique genetic mutation, but we can be very happy about its existence.

Normally there are 2 seeds (beans) in a coffee cherry, but a real peaberry takes the right to grow alone in a coffee cherry. This explains why it is round and has a more intense flavour. Because the plant only has to supply one bean with nutrients.

In general, one can say that peaberry coffees have a more intense, fruity and juicy taste than conventional coffees. But it is not only the genetic mutation that determines the taste of peaberry coffee. As with all other coffees, the following factors are decisive for the taste of a coffee

  • Growing region
  • Variety ( plant variety )
  • Degree of roasting
  • Preparation method

In the meantime, attempts have been made to cultivate plants that only grow Peaberrys, but so far it has not been successful and the taste does not come close to the rare original. Our Peaberry coffee, like all our coffees, comes from the same farmer on the island of Sumatra! Directly traded and selected for you in the highest quality!


Are you interested in new taste experiences, or have you already heard about this “Peaberry? Then you should try the original Peaberry coffee. Just make up your own mind and bring the little star home!