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Malua Kopi Luwak

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Malua Kopi Luwak , 100 % Arabica, whole beans – Dutch colonialists brought coffee plants to Indonesia one day. In the growing area of the producer we trust, Arabica beans grow to the ideal maturity before they are “nibbled” by the spotted musang and refined all naturally. With a pack of Kopi Luwak, you now have the opportunity to go on an exploratory tour of this coffee paradise. Freshly roasted beans make their way to you, well packaged, to take you on an extraordinary, drinkable journey straight away.

Note on pricing

Yes, we are aware that the price of our coffee seems high at first glance. We will gladly explain why it is really reasonable and fair: genuine Kopi Luwak is an absolute rarity. While spotted musangs living in cages are fed indiscriminately, sometimes with unripe coffee cherries, musangs living in the wild eat only the ripe, full-bodied red and noblest coffee cherries.

This is the case in the highlands of Borneo and Sumatra, where our partner coffee farmers maintain their plantations. The farmers greatly respect the freedom of the rare animals that live there and therefore do not explicitly search for their precious “gifts”. They discover them by chance during their daily work and pick up the coffee beans by hand. Only in this species-friendly way do we obtain an incomparable taste quality of the very best coffee beans.

You can find out more about the elaborate, natural harvesting process in a video that we were allowed to shoot on location with the producers:

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